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Use the sun for your power needs Image ©
Use the sun for your power needs Image ©

Evacuated Solar Tubes

The new Sun-Catcher tube has an inbuilt reflector inside the outer tube,this increases the performance over older models by close to 40%

All NZ Solar hot water heating equipment is Tested to AS/NZS 2712:2007 and exceeds ISO 9001 standards. All NZ Solar hot water systems are built to NZ standards.

All NZ Solar hot water systems can be configured to maximise the requirements of the customer. By using the glass evacuated tubes there is inbuilt flexibility in the design of your new system. The tubes can be configured in banks of 15, 20, 25, 30 or 40 etc giving total flexibility of power output and installation size.

Due to the special thermal heat pipe and built in reflector inside a vacuum tube allowing for heat transfer the heater can dispense with the water feeding into the vacuum tube.

This delivers many advantages:

  • Massive power production
  • High efficiency
  • Long service life
  • Fast start and outstanding resistance to freezing and temperature strain

All qualities that are, not only desirable, but absolutely necessary in New Zealand's extremely variable climate.

The NZ Solar heating systems feature excellent thermal characteristics, high operating temperatures, all-weather application and very high reliability (tried and tested in good working order at temperatures as low as -50C).
For normal NZ Solar heat tubes:

* Degree of Vacuum: >5x10-3 Pa
* Absorption coefficient: >0.93
* Emissivity: <0.08
* Starting Temperature: <25C
* Maximum Temperature: 250C
* Freeze Proof: -50C
* Service Life: 15-20 years
* Wind Resistance: 55m/s (grade 11)
* Hail Proof: 25mm
* Glass Material: Concentrated borosilicate glass
* Absorber Plate: Copper Profile
* Size of Single Tube: (mm) 58x1800
* Weight of a Single Tube: 2.0 kg
* Size of Condenser end: (mm) 20x50

* Recommended flow rate of 2/3 litres per minute

Glass-evacuated Tube Solar Water Heater

Glass evacuated solar tube Image ©
Glass evacuated solar tube Image ©

Advantages of NZ Solar Glass-evacuated Tube Solar Water Heater

  • Glass evacuated tube solar water heaterUses AL-N/AL heat adsorption coating on the vacuum tubes; this provides high heat absorption with a low emission rate.
  • The water inlet and outlet points are located at the lower parts of the water cylinder to reduce calorific loss.
  • Superior all glass vacuum heat collection tubes.
  • The inner body of the cylinder is SUS304 food grade stainless steel for corrosion resistance, longer life, non-pollution of the water...clean and hygienic.

Solar hot water system glass tube Image ©
Solar hot water system glass tube Image ©
  • Solar Glass-evaculated hot water system Ultra-strong insulation properties of the high-density urethane layer between the cylinders
  • An Electronic controller is mounted at a convenient point within the house. This allows the homeowner to assess at a glance what the water heating system is doing.
  • A microcomputer controls the water temperature bringing electricity to boost the solar system on days of continual unfavourable weather patterns.

NZ Solar Unit Sizes & Weights:

Number Of Heat Tubes Width Length Weight
15 tube panel 1190mm 1950mm 50kg
20 tube panel 1560mm 1950mm 60kg
25 tube panel 1940mm 1950mm 70kg
30 tube panel 2310mm 1950mm 85kg

Enquire now for more information on the solar hot water system for you.

Enquire now for more information on the solar hot water system for you.

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