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Welcome to NZ Solar Ltd, a company with a desire to provide the best possible value solar systems and service to its clients.

NZ Solar evolved during an extensive search world wide of available solar technologies. The search has meant a large amount of travel, evaluation and relationship building with credible international and local suppliers.

We know New Zealanders expect the best, therefore we have sought and found solar products that can solve all of your solar hot water and solar generation problems.

Solar Heating Knowledge

  • The sun provides free energy so why not use it?
  • Technology has made solar hot water heating units and photovoltaic systems more efficient
  • Electricity prices are likely to continue to rise therefore solar has become very affordable
  • You want to have solar systems guaranteed and fitted by trained professionals; NZ Solar guarantees its products and all staff are trained, qualified professionals
  • Solar is sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • You want the best products at the best prices; NZ Solar has the products for you!

The People At NZ Solar

  • Founded by Chris Inglis in 2004 after decades of industry experience.
  • NZ Solar was borne of a combined desire to take an environmentally friendly approach to business and an appreciation of the growing costs of electricity.
  • Chris, being a family man, knows the amount of energy that can be required for a growing household.
  • Chris and his team know that the time has come in New Zealand where the costs involved in putting in solar water heating or a photo-voltaic system (whether grid tied or off grid) versus the electricity costs now make this option viable....they 'simply' had to find the very best technologically advanced solar systems available and get them to New Zealand.

Stoke Primary Installs Solar Power

Solar News

Stoke Primary Installs Solar Power

Grid tied 10Kw PV System . . . Read more »

Reduce or eliminate your power costs

Reduce or eliminate your power costs

On grid feeding in or off grid systems . . . Read more »

  • Solar For A Sustainable FutureUse solar power for your energy needs
  • Solar hot waterUse solar for your family's hot water and save money
  • Solar Water Heating For DairySustainable energy for dairying
  • Use Solar Power For CommercialUse solar power for your commercial premises

Dairy Sheds

Farmers, reduce your power costs by converting to solar hot water for the milking sheds.


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